Enhancing safety intelligently

Technology has made machines increasingly more reliable, but safety occurrences continue due to, amongst other variables, human error, system degradation, and lack of asset maintenance. Plants are often highly complex and host a variety of potential dangers. Safety defects can threaten the environment and health of your employees, diminish the life of your physical assets, and lead to downtime and loss of production resulting in substantial added costs. It is imperative to put into practice a proactive mindset towards safety, identify the root causes of accidents and deeply ingrain a safety mindset into the culture and practices of the organization. Accelerant’s experts conduct a series of assessments to improve pre-existing safety programs or develop a new safety or process safety program. Our team works with you to develop a framework of controls, inspections, training, compliance and reporting. In order to mitigate future safety occurrences, we identify hazards and assign corrective actions. Accelerant enlists your workers into the process through thorough training and proper certification.

We will ensure that your company is maintaining compliance with industry standards and demonstrating effective safety performance. Your business requires and deserves adequate attention and implementation of appropriate risk reduction measures.

Workplace Safety

Guidelines and policies alone aren’t enough

Spending time and money up front on preventive safety measures and programs will inevitably lead to cost savings on the back end. Additionally, companies which invest in improving workplace safety benefit from improved morale and increased productivity. Front line employees and supervisors trained in safety protocols recognize that safety is everyone’s responsibility and thus feel compelled to report hazardous processes and behaviors. Moreover, committed and educated management leads to a cascade of responsibility as they set the tone for the organization.

Accelerant will perform an on-site gap analysis of your safety systems, processes and behaviors. Through targeted surveys and interviews we will glean what the current perceptions are and close those gaps by co-developing and enhancing workplace safety systems and tools. With a focus on evaluation, prevention, improvements and sustainability our team will bring your organization to the highest level of safety excellence.

Process Safety

Prevention of unintentional accidents

Because major hazards can potentially impact worker safety, damage the environment or lead to significant business losses, process safety is of paramount importance to the structure of an organization. A well-coordinated and disciplined framework for process safety will help to prevent unintentional accidents through maintaining focus on equipment maintenance, alarms, procedures, training, etc. Well-defined operating parameters which are being properly executed by trained employees must be in place. Alternatives to pre-existing parameters may, however, need to be implemented in order to improve the current process safety system. Accelerant will assist in defining the appropriate operating parameters as well as training your people in the processes that adhere to those parameters. We will help you to install pre-start up safety reviews, emergency planning and an operations management system that drives process performance and safety. Our team will develop an effective mechanical integrity program with good design principles, engineering and operating practices that will be part of an overarching PSM program fit for purpose and capable of forestalling unexpected risks.