Organizational Effectiveness

Excelling in profit, growth and customer satisfaction

When a company has achieved organizational effectiveness (OE), it has attained “health” in three key areas: Its target profitability favorably compares to its net profitability; The company is growing; and The customer is satisfied.

The bedrock of these three areas is dependent upon strong leadership, sound operations, thoughtful strategy and a high- performance culture. Strong leadership is in the organization’s DNA and when authority is clear and effective, it results in disciplined and vital decision making, structures, processes, systems and culture. Effective leadership adopts protocols that unite the group into a cohesive network. OE capability promotes an environment of ownership and collaboration. It clearly understands that an organization may not only require a logistical shift but a cultural shift, as well.

Accelerant keenly observes the dynamics of your work environment in order to enhance your capacity and achieve your mission. Our team adeptly identifies strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Through the development of an organizational design, we lay the groundwork for the strategies and solutions that will reinforce the right habits and procedures which will ultimately sustain and increase growth, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Shared Services

Optimize and standardize performance

Shared services is a low cost, high value operational philosophy that centralizes functions in order to free up the business to spend more time performing higher, value-added tasks. This popular business strategy has been adopted by half of all Fortune 500 companies. It is a comprehensive and flexible tool for improving processes, generating profits and reducing costs. Accelerant helps you mature your organization toward a shared services approach which will consolidate your business operations, centralize procedures, eliminate redundancy and improve quality.

The goal of this delivery model is to focus resources on activities that support the business goals. Shared services practices and procedures are leaner, provide greater visibility and take advantage of synergies while maintaining responsiveness to the organization.

Organizational Design

Enhancing performance and cost reductions

Organizational effectiveness is most often achieved through a kind of self-reflection which essentially asks, “What is your purpose?” This simple but fundamental question not only gleans perspective but also prioritizes what is most critical to the business. Organizational design doesn’t have to be unnecessarily complex. At its root, it seeks to identify and remove the dysfunctional aspects of procedures, structures, systems and workflow and then recalibrate them to desired practices and goals. It closes the gap between strategic direction and the delivery of results.

Industries are in a kind of perpetual state of transformation due to changing customer expectations, new technology and heightened competition. Establishing the fundamental building blocks of productive practices, behaviors, decision making, accountability, optimization and cost reductions through organizational design allows companies to successfully weather the sea change of global trends. Accelerant takes a fit-for-purpose structured approach which provides clients with a step-by-step methodology they can painlessly and effectively execute. Our team works with the entire enterprise in order to integrate all systems into the new organizational design. Execution improvements are achieved through a transparent and rapid flow of information. These sustainable processes will ultimately differentiate your business and set it in the bold direction for which it was established.

Shop Floor and Manager Leadership Development

Worth their weight in gold

The value of shop floor and manager leadership is grossly underestimated and underutilized. Quite often, these managers are not being used to their full potential due to a lack of quality training in schedule control, variance management, planning, root cause analysis and effective meetings. A large proportion of shop floor supervisors and managers were once operators or technicians who never acquired the leadership skills to effectively make assignments, give directions, follow up, provide/solicit feedback and provide coaching to their colleagues. Accelerant recognizes the hands-on value that a shop floor leader has in identifying problems and potential improvements and increasing the productivity, safety and quality of the entire workforce at the process level. Through training and development, our team shows these leaders how to utilize their previously acquired equipment process knowledge in order to challenge, lead, plan, negotiate and manage in a lean and cost-effective way.