Downstream Operations

Precise solutions and efficiency gains

Accelerant’s established approach increases productivity and profitability at downstream companies which manage a complex value chain and narrow margins amid commodity price fluctuations and uncertain equipment reliability. This environment is a constant challenge for downstream oil and gas operators who often rely on aging assets that are becoming too difficult and too expensive to maintain.

Creating efficiency, visibility and accountability across operational processes is a high impact solution to the challenges facing the downstream industry today. Refineries are often attempting to improve operational availability and maintenance execution, increase crude flexibility, increase yields, manage turnarounds more efficiently or address cross functional management systems. For these initiatives, it is prudent and economical to consider Accelerant’s value stream approach to integrating people, process, operating systems and technology. Our approach will accelerate initiatives and break down silos to create efficient, cross functional processes and allow operators to be responsive to market opportunities.

Accelerant helps drive operational excellence in this volatile energy market by optimizing clients’ assets safely, reliably, sustainably and cost effectively.