Capital Program Efficiency

Project management maturity yields high performance

Putting in place a competent, sophisticated and quality capital project requires a well-defined starting point and a well-defined objective as well as the skills to coordinate all of its complexities. There is an art to balancing the design, procurement, execution and productivity of any project. Surveys of Senior Executive, PMO Directors and PM Practitioners consistently show that between 10% and 15% of all budgets are wasted due to poor project performance. Another survey revealed that 89% of projects at high-performing organizations met their original goals while only 34% of projects at low performing organizations did likewise. Accelerant’s proven project, program and portfolio methodologies get down to the cellular level of your capital project in order to mitigate risks and foster future growth. Our consultants embed themselves in your project through an early engagement specifically tailored to your business with a clear and concise focus on the critical path so that your company attains the top quartile of the High Performing Group.