Implementation is Accelerant’s core business. People building people building performance. We typically start with designing the to-be performance management system (PMS). This comprises defining the required meetings, the terms of reference of these meetings (TOR), the relevant KPIs to measure the effectiveness of the business processes excecution, the appropriate roles and responsabilities (RACI), etc. Implementing the PMS installs discipline in the organisation, drives change in behaviors and in working practices, how people inter-act with each other. Change in behaviors results in more effective and efficient process execution. People learn new tools and techniques to improve their performance, such as roote cause analysis. Improved processes result in improved operational results (the leading indicators), which ultimately result in improved financial results (the lagging indicators). During the implementation phase, we quantitatively measure behavior change by tracking the maturity of the PMS. This maturity requires to be at a certain level in order for the results achieved to be sustainable. Our involvement typically accounts for reaching this maturity level.

Adopting a partnership focused on building competences and developing people across your organization.

We introduce step-by-step accountability to the client for taking ownership and driving sustainability.